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Tuesday, February 23, 2021


 Ottawa, ON Canadian hip hop artistChristopher “Nayef” Saghbini drops his new single and music video “Hold Up” March 4th. Nayef began writing music at the age of ten. The young artist's passion for his music comes from the deep-rooted pain he suffered from being bullied in school. Nayef’s Lebanese background was the source of the racism directed towards him. Music was a shield against the hurt. Through his early years, the singer/songwriter’s talent emerged, but the darkness remained growing up.  Music was a source of peace.  Life mistakes were made, but Nayef came out on the other side.  His ambitions kept the young artist from giving up and put him where he is today. The singer/ songwriter keeps his past close and uses it as an inspiration for his music and a personal lifeline.   

“Hold Up” is Nayef’s journey. The talented hip-hop artist has garnered a following touring and taking the stage with the likes of Peter Jackson, Young Stitch, and Kingcon. With his reputation on the rise, it’s time for “Hold Up.” The single and video expresses Nayef’s journey out of the dark and into the light with the “Hold UP” video portraying life on the other side, the achievements, and the trappings of a much different lifestyle.  A lifestyle, Nayef wanted to make clear, doesn’t change who you are unless you let it. “Staying true to myself, fuels my music”.   


You can step into the light with “Hold UP” March 4th.

Follow Nayef: ItsNayef93  

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