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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
New Season Has Arrived!

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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Coture Conversations Model Series: Mel G

 Who are the gatekeepers who get to decide who is or can be a model? Who gives the authorization for one to rip the runway? Often times, the people who do so, look nothing like the models who give their all to be America's Next Top Model.

The issue at hand is this, without the beautiful melanated people who create the culture for the world to follow, there would be no runway. So we're done with letting pasty "intellectuals" dictate who "can and who "will" be in any industry. These people are nothing without us. WE ARE THE CULTURE.

We are no longer seeking their approval and that baby Mel G is a symbol and representation of that. With melanin poppin and oozing all over the camera, she dominates the modeling scene effortlessly. In an industry that she stumbled into, she hit the ground running seeking to make her mark on the world starting through the lens but will end up as the CEO of an umbrella of brands. This young Queen has her sights set on success but not the easy success. The one you work for.

Unapologetic in her endeavors, she defines who and what she can be. She's definitely not asking. She also won't be moved by your being offended if she happens to do twerk videos for fun. For one, she's very good at it. For two, so what?! You know you love those twerk videos. That's why you have so much to say. You're watching!

So what you can do now is watch us chop up this game as we sat down with her in a Coture Conversations Model Series episode. She didn't hold back whatsoever. You'll be pleasantly engulfed in how intelligent this beautiful young woman is. This will have you looking forward to what you will contribute to the modeling industry. But as she makes clear, she won't stop there. Check it out below.

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