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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, December 3, 2020

The Quest Chronicles: Only Fans

 "Damn, you got an only fans? What are you doing there? Playing with yourself, having sex or what; please let me know!" This is what guys are saying from what I hear! Only fans have been around for years but many weren't aware of that. Some believe it started during the pandemic but it definitely has been around for a while. From musicians, strippers, celebrities, porn stars & more have only fans. This site has been so tainted that even if you tried to have a clean decent page, most people are not checking for that. Now, I did my research and found out there is a small percentage with PG pages and are making money but how many of us will that work for?

When people find out you have a page, they're automatically going to assume you're up there doing something nasty and if you're not they will be highly disappointed. What business are you in, promoting and what exactly will your fans expect from you? I can't front, I have an only fans but I started it as a joke. Then I got checked on it from someone very important to me who subscribed and was very disappointed with the content I posted. My content isn't outlandish like others,  but it's still beneath me. Joke or not it's not worth tarnishing my brand so I'm deleting it.

Is it making you that much money that it's worth tarnishing the brand attached to your name? I think not but I can only speak for myself personally. This goes for anything. If you are not proud of doing something and slightly embarrassed, just don't do it. Once again, is it worth it? This is Ms. Gotta Love Me T-Quest & you’ve just been Questified! Show love by commenting, sharing & following me on social media @TQuestGLM


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1 comment:

Unknown said...

The whole only fans thing all boils down to a matter of opinion. I personally view the only fans website as a platform that allows you to express yourself however you want including not limited to explicit material. I love the T-Quest brand because one of the many components that encompasses t-quest is she’s very sexy. I would subscribe 😍🥰 just to see that amazing smile you wear. Your deleting it?? Oh well my 😞 lost.





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