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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Saturday, October 3, 2020

V!be Legacy: She is the 1 and Only: NunAfterHours!

She is the 1 and only NunAfterHours

Born and raised in Henderson, NC.

She had a religious upbringing. Her father was a pastor for most of her life.

She is the middle child and has 2 sisters whom she loves very much!

She considers herself to be an entertainer. She’s a multifaceted and versatile Artist. She raps, along with writing her own music and she also loves to dance. She hasn’t had any collaborations with any artists on her most recent projects yet, but she’s looking to do a few very soon!

The best Advice Received
You only have 1 life

 Live for you and no one else

Her latest project is her EP, entitled “Fallen Angel”. In creating this EP, she wanted to show versatility and to show people that they can’t really put her in a box. There is a compilation of genres on that project, including hip-hop, pop, and rock. 

She came up with the title for the project “Fallen Angel”, because it relates to her spreading her wings to follow her passion of music, rather than succumbing to what other people believe she should do or be. 

In High School and College she wrote poetry. She didn’t start writing music until maybe about 3 years ago. There wasn’t anyone in particular that inspired her to start making music. It was just an idea and passion that she decided take a leap of faith with! 

One of her favorite songs that she has written is called: “Fallen Angel/ Abyss.” It’s one of the few songs where she gets a little personal. On top of that she loves the switch-up in that song. 

She’s had many performances but the one that she remembers the most is the Gemynii’s “HERstory” event (11/27/2019) at Pinhook in Durham. The energy and love from the audience was amazing! She didn’t know that so many people knew the words to her songs, so she was like wow! She also met a lot of cool people that night, and of course she had a great time!

When asked what makes her stand out from other Artists she responds with grace: "I’m humble and true to myself. I don’t try to follow trends or do shit for “clout”. I don’t care about fame. What I care about is building a brand by unapologetically being myself." 

She continues to explain, "It’s easy for people to stray away from their authentic selves. Some people die without ever really living, as paradoxical as that sounds. I admit that I was on that path, until I did some soul-searching. Since I grew up sheltered in a religious household it caused me to lose my identity, and I spent many years being and feeling trapped. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted." 

She dropped out of grad school to pursue music (What a bold leap of faith; inspiring!) She wanted to step out of the shadows and do something for herself, for a change. She was fed up with trying to live up to a standard of what other people wanted her to be. She just wanted to be her! 

She continues to share with, "There is only one me. There’s no one else like me. Hate me or love me. You choose. I don’t want my fans to love me just because they think my music is dope. I want my fans to love me for who I am, because I’M dope. I’m bold, unfiltered, and strong. I’m taking my power back through music. I’m ready to share more of myself with the world!" 

There are multiple opportunities around the corner even with the the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the music endeavors have been put on hold until further notice. Though she had a few shows cancelled/ postponed, she had a virtual live show streamed via Facebook and Instagram back in March. I plan on having another virtual show, hopefully by August. I’m also going to stream the video release for my song “Abyss”, sometime in July. So, y’all be on the lookout for that! 

She is currently working on her next EP. She haven’t decided on a name for it just yet. Her music video for “Abyss” is coming to you guys really soon! She's super excited to drop this one!

Contact Her @The Following Links

Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat@nunafterhours 

Artist page on Facebook: NunAfterHours 

YouTube: NunAfterHours 

 Stream NunAfterHours’ music on 

Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and Tidal.

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