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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Saturday, October 3, 2020

V!be Legacy: Iconic Bond: We Are Here (And More)

 Iconic energy and stamina allow him to electrify at performances. He considers himself an MC because he can move a crowd and vibe with them when he’s on and off stage. But he is also a lyricist because he takes time to think about what he’s writing. He’s always loved wordplay so it’s something he’s constantly working on to perfect.

He is currently in the works to kick off an amazing first album which could be out before the year ends! The album will be kind of like his origin story. How so? Well it would be a collaboration project with his best friend Badlogic who produced the whole thing; exciting! 

He goes on to share “Me and him started on this music journey together,” “Literally one day he said “bro, I’m buying FL Studio” and I immediately went and bought a mic and created a little in-home studio and we began making music”" So this album is the compilation of the best songs they made together since they started.

He shares with a sarcastic smile: “Is there any other way to create music? I write everything I put out there. I think if you don’t write it, then what’s the point…”

As far as collaborations with other artists, he’s had one that has been made public so far (more to come soon…) and it was a song he featured on called Revolution that dropped earlier this year with the amazingly talented: Queen Sanaa.

The best advice he’s received: From his Manger before he went on stage for the first time was: “The stage is a boxing ring, when you step on that stage, your goal is knock them out”. The meaning behind this is basically to leave your heart and soul on that stage. You have to give it everything you got and perform the music with the same energy that helped you create it!

Iconic Bond continues in a gentle sentiment: “he also told me to stop trying to do everything alone. I love having control of everything I do so it was very hard for me to let go of certain things and allow other people to help me on my journey. It took me a while to get used it, but I finally got there.”

Music is the gateway to all types of possibilities. He’s have been writing ever since he was high school. He’s always had a love for poetry and music. Since originally coming from Egypt, the music scene is huge and it’s all very poetic and deep in meaning.

Hip-hop to him has constantly been the ultimate form of music if used correctly. It can change entire generations and it already has. On top of that, his favorite Artists are all amazing poets when it comes down to it. So that’s what inspired him to write.

The start was just the beginning but then he went to the next step in creating actual music with his youth group. He worked closely with a group of young brothers in the community. Then seeing them go from middle school to graduating college, he was able to see the impact that hip-hop had on them. Now in his opinion, he didn’t like the negative energy that it instilled in them and that is primarily due to what the current top Music being played was. See, he grew up listening to a whole different type of hip-hop so when he saw that, he felt the need to fill that void. On top of that, he was able to show them that they could also create music when they saw him do it.

His current favorite track written is one called: “Floating;” that song is on his first mix-tape entitled: The Breakthrough. Now, that track holds a special place in his heart because he was sitting up one night listening to this beat and instantly he was inspired to create a track about writing and creating a song. So he ended up literally spending the whole night until the sun came back up and wrote the thoughts that were going through his mind while creating it. When he was finished, it was the best feeling ever.

Each Artist can find inspiration and have a desire to work with a well-known Celebrity Artist in the music industry. The Artist that Iconic Bond would choose to work with if he could pick one would be: J Cole. He shares that J. Cole’s energy and ability to switch emotions track to track is amazing to him. On top of that, he thinks their music is similar in a way.

Why does his audience consider Iconic Bond different? Well because In the hip-hop game, he stands out because he is Egyptian (lol) and he’s cleaner in his lyrics than most rappers. Also, his music is easily adaptable to any person regardless of their background. He makes music that many types of people can enjoy, no matter what their race, ethnicity or beliefs are on the daily. He talks about life as it is, not as he wants it to be or as other people want it to be. He shares about real life situations from his eyes.

The future of his music is exciting. He is currently working on this collaboration album with his bestfriend: badlogic. He’s got another one already in the works, almost done with some amazing artists and producers. He’s hopeful that when the world opens back up he will begin touring a little bit outside of the local scene to spread his name around a bit.

His latest music video is called: We Here Now (  He’s just ironing out some of his upcoming projects getting them ready for release. Also, he’s working on storyboards for the next couple singles so he can begin shooting the music videos.

You can find his more about him at the following 

Facebook -

Instagram -


Links to his music:


YouTube Channel:

Welcomes with the Greatest Appreciation

Iconic Bond

Originally from Cairo, Egypt

Raised in the states since he was 4

He moved around a lot but finally made his way to NC. He lived in Winston-Salem and went to school at WSSU. Then after college he moved to Raleigh, NC.

He’s done 7 shows since he started. He’s headlined 3 of them.

His most memorable stage performance and best show would be his very 1st headliner show. 

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