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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, October 1, 2020

The Quest Chronicles: LOVE

 LOVE: An intense feeling of deep affection. Now of course this is the dictionary's definition but what is love to you? How do you define it? Can you? I came to realize that many people don't know the difference in loving and being in love. The two words that get mixed up a lot as well is love and lust. Let that marinate because that could have been you at one time mixing up the two. 

I built my company around love. My brand is called Gotta Love Me and to be honest, there are times I questioned myself to see if I truly know what love is. Of course, I do when it comes to the generic dictionary definition but it's deeper than that when it comes to self-love, being in love, and more. In low moments, I've even questioned how much I love myself. Going out my way to make sure everyone else is ok, happy and yet continue to put myself on the back burner. Is that love? If so, love for who; not me? It's a beautiful thing to have a big heart, to be kind, to be selfless but to forget about yourself in the process is a problem. 

When it comes to family, friends to relationships the love is similar but quite different, We love, we love hard but wish the love was reciprocated on a more balanced level. To see other dynamics that we truly desire is hurtful but maybe it's just not meant to be or our season. I constantly remind myself that it's ok for me to love others the way that I do even if they don't love me the same in return. I no longer feed the emotion of sadness. 

I'm responsible for my actions, not theirs. I want you all to do the same, especially the ones who love like I do. Love, support and care no matter what but in the process, don't forget to do it for yourself. Stop focusing on the ones who don't love you the way you hope and appreciate the ones who give you what they can. It'll be much easier on your heart. If no one has told you this today, let me be the first, I LOVE YOU! 

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