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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Marcia Polite Speaks On The Pitfalls Of Modeling, Plastic Surgery, Dusty Photographers & Onlyfans

After verbally sparring with Roland Martin on Twitter and having her account permanently suspended, our very own Marcia Polite (IG) was noticed by a few big names in Black media. Phillip Scott of African Diaspora News Channel and The Phillip Scott Show reached out to have her come onto his platform and shed some light on the modeling industry and more.

It was the cheap shots that Roland Martin took at her while not knowing he was helping to put a spotlight on her that got the attention she needed to take things up a notch.

Those of you who have been subscribers to our publication should be quite familiar with her as she's been featured on the cover after her first appearance here in 2016. She was also Valentine's Day Crush feature in 2020. You can check out her features here 👉Marcia Polite ACM Features.

Check out the interview and leave your thoughts in the comment section. We'd like to Thank Phillip Scott for opening up his platform to one of the faces of our publication.

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