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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Uncle P's Hoody Hoos! Cereals Prove Black Ownership Is Taking Hold Of The Market!

Master P is Black excellence displayed for us all to see. He continues to prove that we don't have to be the consumers who fund the world's biggest corporations.

We can do all of the things they do because we're the people who made it possible for them. We're taking our financial power back and placing it where it belongs. 

The big homie launches his new cereal brand Hoody Hoos! taking his empire to new levels and inspiring other Black entrepreneurs to expand and grow! 

We should now put our dollars into Black brands like Uncle P's instead of Kellog's and others like it. We've given them enough. It's our time to build generational wealth and Master P is a giant leading the charge. Salute to the King for setting a major standard for Black excellence. 

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