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Friday, September 25, 2020

Tory Lanez: DAYSTAR

 Tory Lanez remained silent while the world pretty much tarred and feathered him. His face and name have been through hell since the announcement of the alleged Meg Thee Stallion shooting. Up til now there's only been one side of the story and it seemed as if there was no way for him to come back from this horrible career-ending situation.

Tory surfaced on September 24th with the tweet stating "I got time today" which caused an immediate firestorm of criticism and backlash of people thinking he was going to do a live on Instagram. This whole thing was strategic and crafty. 

 It turns out he was prepping for the release of his side of the story in the form of an album entitled DAYSTAR that would detail his side of the spectrum calling out those who canceled him from Bun B, Kehlani, Asian Doll, Chance the Rapper, Jay-Z's Roc Nation, and many more. Even talks about how artists removed him from records and real estate deals were ruined due to it all.

In the court of public opinion, the man has been tried, convicted, and through it all, he remained silent while he was doing what he does best working on a work of art that we suggest you all at least take a listen to. "Believing one side of the story before the other side come out" he spit in a short poem and we'd agree even though honestly, we here at Apex Coture were also on some Fuck Tory Lanez shit but did take the time out to check out the project and it's 🔥. But more than that, if you believe in fairness, a lot of what he's saying makes sense. 

He also expresses love for Meg on songs like "solar drive Night"

We don't believe in letting the mainstream media, who are brutal when it comes to destroying people tell us who we should hate or cancel. Especially Black people. 

Tory made mention that he just got ownership of his masters. We all know what happens when artists gain ownership of their masters. Death, ruin, and/or cancellation. 

We rock with Megan and Tory. We weren't there so the truth is on the tongues of those who were present. One thing is for sure, it will surface. Until then, this is what we have.

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