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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Quest Chronicles: Dance To Your Own Beat

 I think it's funny when people are looking at me and I just be dancing, moving my body, bopping to a beat that doesn't exist to the world. People are having the puzzle look on trying to figure out what I'm listening to and in reality, I'm listening to absolutely nothing. You don't see any headphones, Bluetooth or music playing because there is none. I just dance to my own beat. I am on a natural high, full of life that my body just moves.
The main reason why I stay dancing is because I'm a happy person. I control my energy, I control the space I desire to be in and I have full control over ME! Many of us allow people to tank our vibe. Throughout the day someone is always mad at somebody about something. Maybe something they've done, said or whatever. Don't get me wrong, this happens to me too but after I have my small moment of being annoyed; I'll handle the situation and keep it moving.

Dwelling on something that's not that relevant is a waste of time. time waits for no man and I will not allow someone to waste my time. That's when I remember what's important, regroup and go about my day. A lot of the things I say are easier said than done but it still has to be said. There's nothing wrong with reminders. What I write is like blog affirmations so pay attention, apply and start dancing to your own beat. trust me, you'll enjoy it!

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