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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Killer Mike Faces Backlash and Support After Photos Surface Of Meeting With Governor Kemp

KIller Mike has been known for his political views and activism.
He has been very proactive over the years and has been part of historical campaigns such as the Mayor Kiesha Lance Bottoms mayorial run which has resulted as her being elected the 60th mayor of the city of Atlanta.

He also hit big with his Netflix series Trigger Warning in 2019 where he had ideas for social change and put them into action causing the masses to have conversations on social media about certain issues.

On September 9th, Governor Kemp tweeted some pics of a meeting he and Killer Mike had where they discussed a slew of issues from human trafficking to the pandemic. Of course, this caused an uproar on Twitter and is an ongoing one with him receiving backlash, support, and some saying that it's no big deal.

There are many mixed views on this event. You can get a glimpse of them here on Killer Mike Twitter Trend. Let us know your thoughts.

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