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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

African Diaspora News Channel: White Supremacists Throws Rock Through Black Family's Window & Vandalize Property Due To Black Lives Matter Sign

First, we'd like to thank African Diaspora News Channel for shedding light on this story. In the words of Phil Scott, "That was complete white supremacist terrorism." He also makes the point that people have Trump signs on their property but Black people don't go around vandalizing and terrorizing their property.

This is an example of why we need to arm ourselves and protect our families and homes from these demonic white supremacists. The caucacity of these demons to write the word "terrorists" on this man's truck while they actually terrorize this Black family is utterly mind-boggling but not surprising.

They are always the offenders and we're in the position to defend. The police are not going to help us. They may show up when they're called as you see in this video but when you base things on their track record, you'd know that nothing will be done.

This is further proof that we are at war and there is no room for denial at this point. Arm yourselves, Black family. This is serious. 

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