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Thursday, September 10, 2020

50 Cent Unloads A Bag Of Over $30k To McDonald's Employees

Working in the fast-food industry is often for young teenagers starting off on the job market. It's often an experience that most of us who have done so hate and use as a stepping stool to reach our next goal.

When you clock in on your shift, you're likely to expect to deal with a bunch of frustrations from customers and management. You'd never think that you're gonna be given a stack of cash by one of the biggest stars and moguls in the entertainment industry.

The video below shows 50 Cent popping up at a Mcdonald's surprising the young employees with over $30k in cash just handing it out like it's nothing. If we'd all had this sort of experience, maybe we wouldn't have hated the fast-food industry so much.

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