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Monday, August 24, 2020

DJ Gea's HotZone: Rayy Stackz

Rayy Stackz one of the hottest rappers out, was born in Nashville, Tennessee, but raised in Memphis ever since she was 7 years old. At 13 she started doing music and was in a group called TLG “Tight Little Girls” where she was a singer. Her love for music didn’t stop there. She picked up a love for the piano that is still near and dear to her heart. You can hear that love for the keys as she spits bars on different levels and emotions. Her love for the art didn’t stop there as she got into radio and djing as young lady feeding her passion for the love of music which goes back well into her childhood. 

Rayy Stackz (Twitter) music brings that realness to the table and she says it came from the hurt, and things she's been through in her life. Songs like Sending Shots sends a message to haters and the doubters that it’s definitely popping in Rayy’s world and please don’t try her. This record definitely got that turnt up boss talk all the way through the beat. 

The song "Sensitivity" gives that real life pain that you are going through when your heart is broken or you disappointed by love. It can make you black hearted. And the new hit No Pressure brings so much bounce, sauce, and fly girl talk that it puts you in a vibe that makes you want talk your shit. 

When talking to Rayy Stackz (IG) she said “My pain turnt me into a beast, a dope artist and soon to be author” So it’s safe to say her career is going to be a best seller. If you looking for witty, lyrical, beautiful artist that can control the mic, stage, and industry you have found her. She definitely got Next. 

Article by DJ Gea (FB)

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