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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, August 20, 2020

DJ Gea's HotZone: Bridge Lane

Bridge Lane aka BLU (Best Lyricist Unsigned) and illest is one the dopest artist to ever touch the mic in Southern Illinois. From a young age his craftiness, style, and wordplay has been unmatched by any other artist in the area to date. His witty flow, clever punch lines, and unorthodox flow has captivated earlobes for multiple decades in the music game. 

Bridge Lane a native of Murphysboro, Illinois always had that hustle and grind about him and a crazy pen game which made him stand head and shoulders above many artist in the game. After a stint of unfortunate vacations, Bridge Lane has taken the game by storm dropping a trilogy Burned Bridges, Bridges Burned, and Water Under the Bridge which supplied the game with hits like Grind, On Me, Back Up, Woke up Broke, and many other hits from the first two of the trilogy.


He sets the city on fire with dope motivational tracks, crazy bars, music to ride to, bounce to, and turn up to as you play these albums. During the trilogy, he took some time to drop an album with NJAE called Young, Gifted, and Royal which included hits like Mighty Jungle, Get Back In My Mode, What You Know About It, and Heartless which fed the streets some dope R&B with a motivated Bridge Lane slaying every verse. This project was groundbreaking from the music to the visuals and set the standard for putting in work. 

August 17, Water Under The Bridge dropped and songs like Red Light that has that melodic bounce with that classic Bridge Lane flow sets the album off. I’m Da Man, Ready, and Way Too Many give a swagger to the album I never heard before in his arsenal but In classic Bridge form, he kills the verses on those tracks with dope features with Courtlin Jabrae and T. White, two 618 legends. 

The album is full of many more heat rocks like Oscar, The Cop, and Set It Off where he flexes his storytelling skills and places you in the story as he spits. This album has songs from every angle. Real, turn up, records for the ladies, and so much more so don’t sleep on Water Under The Bridge. If you are looking for an artist that has everything it takes to touch you in different ways, you have found him.

Article by DJ Gea

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