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Thursday, July 2, 2020

The Quest Chronicles: We Hurt Too

You are so brave. You are so strong. “Thank you” should be the response, correct? Is this a compliment? Can it be received well all the time because last I checked, some of my friends are on the verge of breaking. Many of us have been taught to be strong, how to survive, how to maneuver through tough times.

 During deaths, we have to be strong for others. As parents, we have to be strong for the kids. Through breakups & divorces, we have to be strong for the family or whomever. What about us? Yes, we know how to move on but don’t you think we hurt too? I speak to many strong individuals personally and when we have serious talks, many of them can’t help but break down because they’re tired and hurting. Exhausted, confused, lost, and unhappy but can’t show it.

It breaks my heart to see this but to be honest, it’s not uncommon. We wish we didn’t have to always hide it. It would be nice to have people who can actually help fix many of the problems. We wish we can have a moment of clarity to figure out some things but it doesn’t always happen like that. Yes, the weak are going through but the strong are going through their battles as well.

Remember that phrase “Check on your strong friends”? It’s real. Many may say they’re okay but deep down inside they’re not. They’re human, going through this experience we call life and hurt just like everyone else. If they don’t allow you IN, just respectfully remind them that you are here for them, give them a random hug, find a way to put a smile on their face & just show up. It’ll be appreciated.

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