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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Legacy Vibe: Thor Angelico

Best Advice 

"Always do my best to stay humble"

Thor Angelico is currently living in Nevada but was born in Rochester, NY. He's been writing poetry for 21 years and considers himself to be more of a Lyricist. 

He’s always had a passion for music! He grew up listening to all kinds of rock and heavy metal. His love for music grew from the first hearing: Linkin Park. At the time He didn't really know what rap was until then and hearing them opened a whole new world for him!

In sharing his creativity he wanted to make music that had a bigger message collectively than just individual songs, so when you go through and listen to the whole album: Stepping Stones, it will tell a vivid story. He writes all his own music and he’s had some features he’s done for people, as well as he’s had other artists on his songs too.

Although he likes all of his songs, his most favorite single he created is called: Through the Forest because it captivates and tells a VIVID story full of twists about a metaphoric Spiritual Journey that is going on in his mind. 

He’s only done a handful of small shows up to this point. Yet, his most memorable stage performance was opening up for Statik G and Haystak last year. He will always remember that opportunity because it motivated and propelled him into a whole new excitement for music. He is more than happy to get booked for more live shows and performances. But he really wants to make a living off of his streams. That's his main focus!

There is always at least a handful of mainstream well-known Celebrities that inspire other artists to create and the Artist that motivates Thor Angelico to create his music is the: Rap Artist and Lyricist: NF. He has listened to his music more than anyone lately. He likes the fact that NF has a very similar message to his and is a voice for those who are voiceless. 
He believes that's why his music is so popular.
The ability to stand out from other Artists is very important. The life that he’s lived could be no one else's and he’s overcome a lot of mental health problems without being on medications. So there is room for him to speak on his experiences and how possible it is to beat these things as depression and anxiety etc. He’s not perfect but his progress speaks for itself. Yet, still, he wouldn't want to tell us where he was 5 years ago compared to now.

There is so much more greatness for this Artist. He’s focusing mainly on continuing to build his fan base. He believes that the future holds endless possibilities. Many people tell him how unique and inspiring his messages are and he feels like he’s starting to make an actual impact. Music is his life, he’ll never stop.
Contact Him on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as @thorangelico or 

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