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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Legacy Vibe: Rover Kasanova 'Tuscaroran Legend' EP

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His name is Rover Kasanova. He was born and raised in Raleigh North Carolina. It would be South Raleigh to be exact. He believes himself to be an MC because with his skill and style he can control the crowd.
His most recent EP was called: Tuscaroran Legend. So what is it about? So, Tuscarora is a Native American Tribe from Eastern NC. He wanted to embrace his roots, so that’s where the name came from and you can tell its Native American Inspired by the sound.

He was always into music since he was a kid. .He shares that he was that kid dancing in the middle of the floor at the family functions and his Grandmother also played the piano. He also shares that during her time she was best friends with the talented and extraordinary Billy Holiday.

He’s had around 75 performances from small to large venues. He definitely is putting in the work and he’s hungry to continue making music that his fans and followers will respect, share and love.

His most memorable stage performance was when we were in a little town called Longs, South Carolina. He performed at a spot in a House but to his surprise, he saw that many people were familiar with the song he performed and their reaction was priceless. They danced and partied so hard it felt like they were going to fall through the floor!

If he could perform with any popular Artists today he would choose Sheck WestDa Baby Future, and Drake. He believes the shows would be wild and he’s eager to see and confirm that he can match their energy!

He is currently working on a major new mix-tape he is dropping and he has a lot of Visuals coming so stay tuned.

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Rover Kasanova
Find all his music on all streaming platforms @ Rover Kasanova

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