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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Monday, June 15, 2020

Have You Created Your At Home Work Space?

I hope everyone has had a productive week. I will be honest, last week was tough for me, to the point that I was completely consumed with what was happening all over the USA and across the globe. It was HISTORIC and I wanted to make sure I was aware of what was going on.

 As I started to put my life and routine back to normal, I realized that others were struggling. Here are some tips I used to get myself back together.

1. Waking Up Early - Do not let the day go by. You can allow for more time to process, daydream, or take breaks when you start your day early.

2. Release Stress- Go for a walk, run, exercise, drink tea or coffee or get yourself a treat. We all have different ways to relieve stress, find yours, and make it a priority to do so weekly.

3. Have a permanent workspace. Get into your routine. Where do you record? Where do you do work?

For me, I use my tumbler when it is time to do some work and get in my mindset of being productive. Guess what? So do my clients.

I received this picture from my client, Monique Spence last week when everything was going down.

She said: “Feeling extra blackity black girl today so I’m riding with my custom drinkware from Average Black Girl & my marketing guru Danielle Mitchell!!”

Grab your tumbler here!

Circle Foundation is looking to place high school students with internships. The school would be the one to actually pay the students for their hours.

This is perfect for employers looking to allow students to gain hands-on work experience while the school pays them for 6-9 months. After the internship, they are asking that employers offer them a position if they do well during the internship.

For more information contact Ms. Little at

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