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Monday, May 18, 2020

What Jeezy and Figgers Communications should teach us

It'd be hard to find a Hip Hop consumer who doesn't love Sno. Over the course of over 15 years, his contributions to Hip Hop are to be recognized as major.
But there's another side to Jeezy that we've all grown to admire and should be inspired by. That is the businessman who knows what to invest in and when to invest. By now you should be aware of him investing in the affordable cellphone and earbud brandFiggers Wireless founded by Black inventor and computer programmer Freddie Figgers

This was a power move made by two Black men who understand that we need our own communications brands as well as our own of anything we're consumers of. What this merge should teach us is that while we're the biggest consumers of social media, phones, and gadgets, it's high time that we become the creators of such platforms and products. Not only should we invent, but also invest in the major corporations that we pour our money into by buying shares of the companies.

Facebook is huge. You can buy stock in Facebook. Nike is a popular shoe. You can invest in Nike as well as purchase their products. We spend massive amounts of money that we claim we don't have on these corporations' products and services keeping them afloat and rather wealthy, proving that we do have the money. We just like to buy things that depreciate in value vs being the innovators.

The good thing is, the tide is turning and things are changing. You're starting to hear more rappers speak of ownership and display it with moves like this of the homie Jeezy. We'd hope this article will help plant the seed in the minds of our readers who are not yet hip to or have an interest in being an entrepreneur and/or investing.

If you do indeed have that interest, there are apps you can download that help you to invest while educating you. Apps like Cash App, Acorns, Stash, and many more. Check them out and start looking into what skill(s) you have to start a business. Don't hesitate to ask for help or simply google what you want to know.

Do not expect this from our school system. That system is not designed to create inventors, entrepreneurs, or investors. It is designed to create workers. Everybody's not meant to be a worker. Everybody's not meant to be a boss. But we should be creating more opportunities for those that look like us. We deal with so much racism on the workforce. It's our time now. 

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