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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Quest Chronicles: LOL, Smiley Face!!!

Have you ever met someone who caught your attention by their sense of humor? Sometimes made you raise an eyebrow and be like, “did he/she really just say that?”  Laughed so hard, you spit out what you were drinking because you were caught off guard by something funny they said or did? A moment in time you wish lasted longer.  Right then is when you become a little curious to know who this person is & not always in a relationship way, just in general. They say laughter heals the heart & this is a fact!
 I remember people use to question certain guys that I would talk to because, in their mind, we were not compatible. Their opinions didn’t matter to me because I wasn’t dating THEM! Yes, outside of the music business, we were opposites in many ways but what made the guys like me more than the obvious reasons was my sense of humor.
I would say some of the most off the wall things, make silly expressions & would just have them laughing. Of course, they would shake their heads and start to say things like, “what’s wrong with you?”, “You’re something else”, “You’re mad goofy!” If you read between the lines, what they were really saying was, “You’re different but I like it”, You are someone special”, & “Thank you for making me laugh.”
Life can be a little challenging at times. Some of us are forced to keep our guards up and not show weakness. When it comes to our black men, they go through more than the average so when they talk to me, I bring peace, laughs & smiles. At this moment, they feel calm, walls are down & they can just BE.
Life is busy, life is complicated but take time to smile. You owe it to yourself. Go to a comedy show, watch one on your electronic devices, do whatever makes you smile because you deserve it. Now, I can definitely make this happen because I’m so freaking funny but I suggest you have a backup plan just in case!
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