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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, April 23, 2020

The Quest Chronicles: 2Fli

Who runs the world… WOMEN! Keeping things in tacked & handling business like a boss, you are 2 Fli! From the board room to the bedroom. From pinstripes to lingerie. You got it, girl, you got it!
 Over the years, there has been a negative stereotype when it comes to women working together, bonding, supporting, and uplifting one another. To be honest, it’s more in the black community.
We were brainwashed and trained to look at one another as competition & it’s time to break that. Me personally, I don’t look at another female as competition, if she’s about her business. beautiful & got it going on, I want to root for her like a sister.
That’s why I am honored to be apart of 2Fli which is the all-female division of The World Wide Fleet Djs & what we’ve done is open the platform for new members to join because we want to be bigger and move stronger as a female unit. We have taken the time to write articles in our magazine, highlight entrepreneurs, playing only female music artists ( major/indie) on our radio station & continuing to build with one another. The way its supposed to be. Going back to breaking the stereotype of women especially black women not knowing how to come together & be GREAT together.
It’s very evident that nowadays women are shinning more & we have to keep this going! We’re seeing black females receive more leading roles, let’s keep that going & help get those ratings up. Not only because we have to support the black community but because their movies/shows/series are actually pretty dope! As a female emcee, I see more coming out mainstream which is great! Do I agree with the majority of the content that they put up? No, but still happy when I look at the bigger picture.
This is for all the women all around, grab your wine glasses, let’s chill, build, travel & know that we are unstoppable and a bigger force when we come together! I love each and every one of you. As for the men, protect the queen around you. We may be strong but nothing like having men around to remind us we're doing good, to take a few loads off our shoulder and vice verse for us ladies. We all have to be here for one another. We may have one life, but we live everything so let’s make the best of it!
This is Ms. Gotta Love Me herself T-Quest & you’ve just been QUESTified! Show love by commenting, sharing & following me on social media @TQuestGLM


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