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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Stop killing each other with this virus!

Anything that threatens the life and well being of black people, specifically, I am going to protest it. Gun violence, police brutality, homelessness, etc. But how do I protest the ignorance of black people as it pertains to the coronavirus in our communities? For some reason, we seem to feel that we are immune from its effects, even as we see people like Actor Idris Elba and other black celebrities succumb to it. In addition, we are still keeping the senseless rampage of homicides in our communities despite being ordered to remain off the streets except in certain cases.
Think about this! A two-year-old was shot in the back in my hometown of Philadelphia while attending a birthday party for someone who was also killed on the streets of Philly. This was done as Philly has been ordered by the Mayor to stay at home and not to gather in groups. So not only was the baby shot but how many in that gathering may have spread the virus and causing possibly future death? Currently, African Americans have the highest rate of positive coronavirus in the city of Philadelphia. Are we surprised?

 And our youth are possibly the largest carriers of it but the ones to show the least symptoms and will most likely not suffer it’s worst effects. As a result, they may be displaying careless and reckless behavior that may cause others they love deadly consequences. Note that the mother of the two-year-old that was shot was eighteen years old. As HIV/AIDS has spread into the general population, which ethnic group and age range has it affected the most? Our young people! 

 We must put an end to the reckless and irresponsible behavior! We are already being killed by AIDS, police, and each other. Do we need to assist further in our own self-annihilation? Practice safe distancing. Stay at least six feet away from the next person, whether they seem healthy or not. Properly wash your hands often and wear gloves. Wipe down everything someone has touched prior to you if they are not in your quarantined group. Wear a mask! I don’t care what anyone says, if it’s good enough for the health workers then it’s good enough for me! Do not congregate in groups outside your quarantined group. They may not know that they are infected! 

 I know at least one person who has died from this virus, at least one who has this virus, and many who are suspected of having the symptoms now. This is nothing to play with! People may have their conspiracy theories of how it began, but that does not negate the fact that you can catch it and that many are dying from it. We all have to do our part to save ourselves, our families, and our communities. IF YOU’RE NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION, THEN YOU’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM! #stopkillingus

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