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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

R. Kelly was denied coronavirus release

Like all prison inmates, R. Kelly's team filed a motion to be released due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Unlike Tekashi 6ix9ine, his motion was DENIED. Are we surprised? Nope.
Kelly's attorneys Steve Greenberg and Tom Farinella based their argument on a list of other defendants that were released due to the pandemic. (As if that shit was gonna work). 

 "This is not a request to open doors and allow inmates out, this is a specific request concerning a specific inmate," they argued.

Of course, that fell on deaf ears. Instead, the feddy gov noted that MCC Chicago inmates are afforded free soap and have the option to by more soap from commissary. 

 "Simply residing in MCC Chicago cannot be a basis for being released"

They had requested that he be placed on home confinement claiming that the prison's new restrictions made it impossible for them to meet with Kelly to prepare for trial. Again, deaf ears.

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