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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Monday, April 6, 2020

Coture Conversations: Pretty Pynni

Sometimes, you just have to take those lemons that life gives you and make some delicious ass lemonade. That's what our guest today has done. We've watched her quickly make a following wave for herself and with opportunities arising, she's grabbing them shits by the balls and running straight for the in zone.
We sat down and chopped up some game with our special guest and we had a very interesting conversation. As you dive in, you'll get to see the mindset of someone who has no regrets and nothing to hide. Let's do it!

ACM: Ladies and gentlemen, we have an up-and-coming model/hip hop artist. please introduce yourself to the people out there.

PP: Hey everyone my name is Pynni ( Penny) I go by Panamera Pynni or Pretty Pynni (IG) I'm a Hip Hop artist who loves Music, Food, Art, and the Caribbean Culture

ACM: It is evident by your facial features that you're Zoe, but give to people a little bit of background on you, where you from, where you got your game from, and where you currently reside or represent.

PP:  This is true My mother is Haitian and my Father is American. IM a 1st generation American on my mother's side. I was born in Miami Fl at the prestigious Jackson Memorial Hospital lmao … But I currently Reside In Boynton Beach, Fl. It's hard to represent one place so I would have to say I Represent the South.  I definitely get my game from MIAMI both sides of the family have taught me how to hustle without saying a word.

ACM: Let's talk about your modeling career. How long have you been doing this and how is it going so far for you?

PP: I wouldn’t say its a modeling career. I'm a MUSE at the moment lol. I love taking pictures especially nude. I consider myself a nudist, very comfortable in the skin I'm in blemishes and all. I could be in downtown Miami doing a photoshoot topless, and it wouldn’t bother me. I would say I’ve been modeling for a few months taking this craft seriously.  So far it's going, I’ll say that.

ACM: What prompted you to pursue a career in modeling? Was there a defining moment where you realize that you had it and are now going to work it?

PP: Well I was doing a photoshoot in Atlanta with another photographer to get content for my music page when I was introduced to @iam_365_photography. When I went to his studio to get my makeup done, he had this throne from the Game of Thrones show and I told him I have to shoot with that chair. He must not have believed me because after my makeup was done I went to Atlantic station Victoria Has no Secret and got this black two-piece to shoot in, couldn’t find shoes so I did it barefoot. I would say once I saw those pictures and the response I got from that shoot, I said I could pursue modeling as well.

ACM: Instagram is full of up-and-coming (wanna be) models. What sets you aside from those that are piled on top of the overly saturated industry?

PP: Nothing sets me aside. They have butts. I have a butt. They have boobs. I have boobs. Some of them are short. Some of them are tall. I would say physically nothing. There's always a model that may be similar in features and physique. Maybe my Story????

ACM: Are you looking to land any modeling deals clothing brands? you definitely have the physique.

PP: Ummm, currently open to it if they come around but it wouldn’t make or break whether I continue to model. I love taking pictures so if I do land a brand it would solidify what people see for me.

ACM: What about your own clothing brand? You ever thought about starting your own clothing line? Or do you have something in the works already?

PP: Yes it has been something I’ve wanted to do but with the current situation of the world on hold, it just gives me time to make it better and create more designs.

ACM: Okay so let's switch it up, let's talk about you getting in the rap game. What made you want to do this especially at a time when the game is crazy saturated with nothing but everybody thinking that they are rappers or meant to do so?

PP: Well I was on the prison yard lmao when I was playing around with two friends rapping. I went back to my unit and I had a coffee shot so I was up. I remixed Cardi B Get up 10, it was me and two other girls who did a verse. Every time someone on the compound heard the verse they would tell me when I get out, I need to take it seriously because my sound was different.

ACM: You got a few singles that you've released via SoundCloud. Let's break them down one by one. You covered the City Girls Act Up remix. What made you want to tackle that one?

PP: I Was in the halfway house when one of the guys was like Pynni you need to do this challenge. I was like okay! So I wrote a verse and they were loving it. The only problem was we aren’t allowed to be on social media so I wasn’t able to do the challenge at the time. When I got out of the halfway house and on probation, I recorded it and dropped it on Soundcloud.  

ACM: I got to admit you slid that one. Crazy Cadence going on. You got some sleep bars on there. Talk to us about the Summer Walker "playing games" joint. That thing real sexy like

PP: Most of my lyrics start off with a sentence or two and I go back and create the song. Now with Summer Walker Song, I was in the shower listening to her instrumental and I started remixing it. I had to hurry and jump out the shower naked and wet and grab my phone to record what I just said in the shower. After my shower, I finished writing the song and went to the studio to record what I wrote. This was January. I held onto it for a minute and ended up dropping it on Soundcloud February at the same time I dropped "Act Up".

ACM: Okay and lastly we got the Pynni vs Tootie. What were the motivation and purposes of this one?

PP: Actually, that was the first song I wrote while I was in prison. I was in prison for fraud so I wanted to intertwine that with what people always told me. I looked like Penny from good times and Tootie from "Facts of life" so I was like, "what would they be like in a song?"  Tootie is the Creep scheming to take your wife and Pynni is the Innocent Evil Genius.

ACM: Are you working on an album?

PP: I'm working on an Ep currently and a Mixtape with a couple other Female artists 

ACM: I know right now most of us are in quarantine, so are there any videos in the works or do you have any videos out now?

PP: My video projects have been put on hold due to quarantine. Maybe I’ll do it with just me and the videographer and call it a day. 

ACM: You seem to be quite busy LOL it's been hard for us to link up to get this done so assume that you have a lot going on. What all are you working on at the moment?

PP: Modeling, Music, School but the main thing is probation trying to stay on the good foot and get it done and over with 

ACM: This question is for the fellas that always want me to ask these questions for the beautiful ladies, single or taken? I know they be in your DMs shooting all kinds of Js.

PP: I like to Keep them Wondering. 

ACM: I love that! But we don't want to hold you too long we really appreciate you taking the time to sit down and chop up some game with us. You can take this time right now to shout out your family, your team, show love to anybody that's been rocking with you, last thoughts that you want to get out there anything you need two people to know.

PP: #FEDBABIES I want to shout out all the fed and state babies doing time away from loved ones, to be honest, I know the pain and I just want them to keep their head up. My family, friends, followers, and my best friends. I don’t want to shout out anyone individually because it's too many people and I don’t want no-one to be calling me saying they didn’t see their names. When I get my first award I’ll have a drawn-out list lmao

ACM: What I'd like you to do at this point is to tell the people what magazine it is that you rocking with!

PP: I'm rocking with APEX COTURE MAGAZINE 

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