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Friday, April 10, 2020

DJ Gea's Hot Zone: Tory Lanez "The New Toronto 3"

Listening to Tory Lanez "The New Toronto 3", trap R&B was showcased at a high level over bounce and hard-hitting beats.
When the record “stupid again“ came on, the energy of the tape elevated to a level that gave the feeling of winning regardless, which makes the record intoxicating. On this tape, he brought pain, love, and motivation all in one project, while maintaining the flow of the tape and not missing a step. Which for many artists is a task that is almost impossible. 

He definitely has the blueprint and ability to write songs that speak to you in different ways like "MSG 4 God’s Children", "Accidents Happen", and "Dope Boys Diary" which all provide vivid visions of circumstances that happen in real life. 

"The new Toronto 3" sets the table for many artist that are following the current trend of singing and rapping which Tory excels at in this new project. If you are looking for versatility and variety, look no further than this record. It will definitely give you your fix of vocal and bars.

Review by DJ Gea

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