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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Monday, March 30, 2020

Truly Teo "Out My Feelings"

As of late, people have been wondering what's happened to R&B. The rapper Young M.A. even went viral with a tweet speaking on the issue.
The fact of the matter is, just like Hip Hop, the genre is oversaturated with artists who can't seem to discern the difference between being a rapper or an R&B artist. The lines are really blurred. There are almost no lines at all.

There's always someone that's being true to the art form and keeping 100% pure. Truly Teo does just that and has been over the past few years. There is no mistaking what he delivers. There won't be any awards for the best Hip Hop album/artist. His award will be for the best R&B everything for sure.

"Out My Feelings" fulfills that R&B craving, the urge, and yearning we all feel as we are starved of real R&B. This feels like the 90s wrapped up in a 2020 package. You will emerge from the aftermath of this record in your feelings possibly about to be a parent in 9 months.

There are ups, downs, fun and extremely intimate moments on this record delivered passionately from Teo to you. We hope you're with someone special during this time of social distancing and quarantine. You don't wanna consume this record alone but we're gonna give it to ya.

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