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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Tavis Smiley odered to pay $1.5 million to PBS

In 2017 Tavis Smiley was fired from PBS following multiple allegations of misconduct.
Smiley sued PBS in D.C. Superior Court, for wrongful termination claiming racial bias as a factor. 

Smiley was targeted for having consensual sexual encounters with women in the workplace. There was no evidence of any inappropriate behavior. Two people who work together and are attracted to one another and engaged in consensual relationships. Nothing predatory.

No matter what the evidence proved, he was ordered to pay $1.5 million for violating the network's morals clause. Based on the testimonies of six female employees who alleged misconduct.

This is a message being sent to men, mainly Black men that your heterosexual state of being is going to be criminalized. It doesn't matter if with was consensual or not. They will nitpick any and every little thing you do and use it against you. That's easy to do because anything a black man does can be demonized and criminalized.

If you have thoughts on this case, leave your comments below.  

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