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Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Quest Chronicles: Man's Wedding Ring

Men have been flocking to me like crazy, giving compliments, flirting & asking for my number. As soon as I attempt to give it to them, I notice the special band on their left hand called a WEDDING RING!
In these scenarios, one has to think. Is he innocently flirting, just being polite or really trying to see what’s good with US?
 Sometimes I just laugh & brush it off. I appreciate the compliments, embrace the attention & put it in my head that this man was just being polite. Nothing more, nothing less. Refreshing to have a man put a smile on my face, even if it’s just innocent flirting.
When approached by a man that’s coming on strong, & asking for my number, it makes me wonder. Maybe he’s unhappy in his marriage, he may be a widow, separated or divorced. Here comes that part many miss… COMMUNICATION! Before we go any further & it’s obvious you want to pursue me, I need to know the story behind the ring on the left hand because I know it’s not just an accessory.
Sometimes I sit back & question myself. Why would these men approach me? If there are in fact married, do I give off the impression that I’m down with a little fun & your personal situation is your own business? Does he feel being tight lip about the wedding band is ok because obviously, I see it so if it’s a problem for me, I should be the one to address it?
We live in a society that having a mistress, side piece or special friend is normal in SOME cases. So I’m not offended but definitely not my style. I’m not messing up anyone’s happy home or even if they are unhappy, not my problem. I’m going to be with one man & he will be all mines. In this case, sharing is NOT Caring.
So I ask the men, are you happy in your marriage? Are you the type to seek new options to eventually push the other out the way? Do you enjoy the attention of other women even for an innocent moment? If widowed, separated or divorced, what makes you still wear the wedding man?
Ladies, how do you feel when being approached by a married man? Is the ring flattering, a turn on or turn off? Do you address it early or play along to see how far they will go? Just curious so don’t be shy to comment your answers or even share some scenarios you personally experienced.
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