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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Quest Chronicles: Pay Closer Attention

I give credit where credit is due. I commend the men stepping it up, communicating & learning more about the women they date. There’s only one problem I’m having, make sure that she’s actually into you as well.
Interviewer: What do you like to do? What’s your favorite food?
Me: I like to go to spas. It’s my happy place & my favorite food is pizza.
 Interviewer: On a date or when dating someone, what do you like for them to do?
Me: I love a man who can make me laugh, attentive, display courtship, etc. To dig deeper, I love a man to grab my hand while we’re walking, shut me up with a passionate kiss when I’m talking & open the door for me then slap my booty after I walk through LOL!
Mind you, when I’m doing these interviews for radio or bloggers, my male fans are listening & reading. They’re taking notes. Now, if I so happen to bless any of them with my time, and if they tried to some of these gestures, I’ll be flattered. If some try to do more intimate gestures I may have some unpleasant words.
Which at first may throw them off but let me explain why. I’m the type of woman who enjoys adult hangouts once in a while which means, just because we’re going out doesn’t mean we’re DATING! This is when COMMUNICATION comes into play. So many people tried to jump ship too quick & wonder why they get played in the end. I’ll enjoy the fact that you’re being a gentleman but just because you heard me say what I like doesn’t mean I’ll want YOU to do them.
When people answer these QUESTions, they’re explaining that they want the person they LIKE to do things like this.
Know the person you’re conversing with & don’t ignore signs. Try not to confuse a lovely personality with flirting. Don’t be so aggressive in the beginning but be honest about your intentions so you both are on the same page. Pay attention to what they like or don’t like but don’t jump ship because they may not want it from you.
Don’t be one of those people sitting home saying to self that you don’t understand how you did everything right, did everything they like yet still not with them. They desire those gestures but from the right ones.
At the end of the day, you can’t fault them if there’s no organic spark or chemistry. Money isn’t everything but like I always say COMMUNICATION is key! Dating is complicated at times. Deal with it! Lol
This is Ms. Gotta Love Me herself T-Quest & you’ve just been Questified! Show love by commenting, sharing & following me on social media at TQuestGLM
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