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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, January 2, 2020

The Quest Chronicles: Happy New Year!!

New year, new me… cut the crap! Same nonsense we hear every year! Shut up already, you’re annoying! You’re not changing, just talking! Wow, did I really just go there? I sure did BUT this is not me talking, this is what I hear from others.
 Like clockwork, right after Christmas, all the new year resolutions start being the discussion for the next week. Many posts about the changes they want for the up & coming year & just as many people are complaining about the people posting it. Some complain that people have the same resolutions every year & nothing changes so just stop. Nobody wants to read this every year! I shake my head & live my life. You want to know my opinion on the subject? It’s actually different from the average person… what a shocker! LOL
Me personally, I consider my birthday (Oct. 20th) my new year. That’s when I reflect more on my life, what I’ve accomplished and what I want to achieve in the up & coming year. If it’s the same goal, I’ll think of a new way to tackle it to get it done. January 1st comes along and to me, it’s just another day. This year was the first year I went out & actually had a good time but even if I didn’t, I would have been just fine.
Now back to the resolution crew! I actually love you all. If it takes January first to get you to even attempt to make positive changes in your life, I applaud you. Even if you don’t succeed, I commend you for making an effort but others don’t even do that. In a way. January 1st gives people a boost of confidence to do something positive in this negative world…. I’m all for it. If your resolution is the same every year, my advice to you is to come up with a new strategy to make it happen. I want to hear about resolutions and see people actually completing them more.
It’s 2020, a new year/new decade so be excited to walk in your newness! Set goals, be serious about them & make it happen! I’m rooting for you!
Just curious, what are your new year resolutions? How realistic are you going to be with yourself? How determined are you to complete these goals? Let me know! 😀
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