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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Too $hort 'The Vault'

The OG is back to take you young cats to school. Literally, you will be a graduate of 'Pimp School' as he breaks it down on track number 9.
When you have over 3 decades in Hip Hop you can talk like this. To have that type of longevity you gotta be a real one. 

This record is filled with classic $hort Dawg game. He takes it there with 'Information' a page out of the book he originated with his legendary hit 'The Ghetto' where he gives history lessons about white supremacy. 

'Whatcha Got' is a moment when 2 of the best to do it come together to give you game that you will never get from the new school. Pimp C's timeless voice graces the hook and feels so right you just miss having such realness around. 

This shit doesn't exist anymore so we must be grateful when we get it. The hardest album to drop this week.

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