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Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Quest Chronicles: DM's & Receipts

It goes down in the DM & I have receipts to prove it! You can easily unfriend & unfollow but those messages are forever there! How well do you trust people? How comfortable are you to speak to others? If the relationship goes wrong, will screenshots be presented?
 As a female & public figure, people assume my DM’s are flooded constantly.  From Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat! Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have my share & usually slight irritated especially if it’s not about business. Social media platforms were made to socialize & to NETWORK so I focus more on the networking part. Guys would send me their dating profiles as if we were on POF or E Harmony! Wrong platform baby boy! Enough is enough but you can’t get mad at them for shooting their shot with someone they’re interested in.
Now I must admit, let it be a cutie then I’ll allow him to converse with me a little longer than others. Hey, I have to be honest. When I first signed up on social media I was a new up and coming artist but at the same time, I was slowly breaking out of my shell as a young woman. I was a nerd in school & not use to talking to guys so it was fun for me.  I even started to slide in their DM’s. As I got older, I usually slide for business but when my flirtation side comes out, I will still use business as my initial conversation starter. It’s all a game and you have to know how to play it. But in the midst of all the fun and games, reality sets in and everything changes.
As usual, I do self-reflections. Would kind of message am I portraying when I’m sliding in DM’s & Flirting? What happens if I think it’s all fun & innocent then next thing I know it’s actually someone’s wife or girlfriend typing to me. Not a good look at all. Even if you think you’re close enough to someone & have that type of relationship where you can be silly or a little flirtatious, at a certain age whether single or not you still have to be mindful. Something so innocent can cause so much chaos.
Looking at this topics from a business aspect, it does have it’s advantages. There were times I would be in a meeting or on a conference call talking about business & the other party act like they don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s cool, let me pull up my receipts & refresh your memory. It would be in those moments I either relay back to a contract, an email, message or text & highlight said part to let them know, I have proof of said discussion. Verbal agreements are just not cutting it anymore because we live in a society where everyone has amnesia when it comes to them getting called out on their nonsense.
I want to have some fun on this topic because many can relate in different ways good or bad so I ask you all, what were some of your most interesting DM encounters? Have you ever slid in someone’s DM & it worked? Have you ever had to pull out receipts on anyone either personal or for business? Do you believe it’s somewhat childish?
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