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Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Quest Chronicles: Break Up to Make Up

Angry makeup sex, so much aggression & sweat dripping everywhere! Harder thrusts, more pressure when throwing it back & more! Yes, this is the perfect time to take all your frustration out on me.
I love you, Jody! Imma cook,  Imma clean, I’m gonna go make them tacos! We all remember that epic sex scene from the movie Babyboy. Sometimes it’s best to break up to have a fun make up session but is it worth it? Do you have to take it to that degree? Are we antagonizing each other on purpose or do some of us do it just for the perks that we know is coming after? Why can’t we just have angry sex, to begin with?

I’ve witness people purposely getting upsetting their partner because they know what’s going to happen later, which in certain cases is makeup sex. We’ve all heard that it’s more intense & feels much better than the average. I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that you would start a fight or argument but for “angry sex” later… like WHY?
I’ve even known females who have plotted on their men, get upset, make him feel bad because they know that he’s going to doing something special, give them money or buy a present to get back on their good side. How old are we to be playing these games, playing with people & their emotions?
Let’s put a twist on this. What happens if your plan doesn’t work and next thing you know, there is no making out and they leave for good? Break up but no makeup, who fault would it be? What real adult is around for these silly games? I personally don’t have time for the childish nonsense.
If you want to have rough angry sex, we can just have it without the pregame because many of the pre-games arguments be messing with emotions and that’s unacceptable. It’s just something to think about. To each its own but I’m just stating my personal opinions as usual but you know what to do below so leave those comments and share some of your personal experiences.
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