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Friday, December 27, 2019

Dame Dash hit with $50 Million dollar sexual assault lawsuit

Here we go again, folks. Another prominent Black entrepreneur caught up in the #MeToo web of deception. Are the allegations true? We don't know.
But what we do know is that Black men have been the target of such frivolous actions meanwhile all the white guys like Harvey Weinstein get to have their cases muffled and pay settlements without admitting guilt. Bill Cosby sits in prison convicted with absolutely no evidence whatsoever.  

This seems to be the hot new way to take wealthy Black men down. Just accuse them, they'll be found guilty in the court of public opinion just because they're Black and in this society, you can throw anything at us and it sticks. 

The cat is out of the bag on this type of stuff. We're well aware of what's going on. But in this IG post below Dame goes in on this lawyer named Chris Brown and the shit is absolutely hilarious. 

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