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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Yo Trane "Waves In The Moonlight"

You fiendin for an R&B fix? Yo Trane will satisfy that yearning. This new body of work is wavy enough to listen to by the water in the moonlight.
These days it's hard to find R&B artists that are committed to the sound and genre without attempting to be a rapper at the same time. Most R&B today is just rappers who can sing. That's cool and all. Makes one multitalented. 

But sometimes, the majority of the time we just want a straight-up crooner. There is an over-saturation of rappers. Not enough pure R&B art deliveries. 

This is where Yo Trane comes in to help revive the culture. He holds true to his purpose. Ladies, we're sure you will appreciate it. Get it up in your system over a glass of wine while coolin in a relaxed setting with that special someone.

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