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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

SpaceGhostpurrp threatens Tory Lanez on social media

While we may not know much about Florida rapper SpaceGhostpurrp, we know that the choices he makes are not the best.
He takes to social media to send threats to Tory Lanez over a girl. Let that sink in for a bit. Seemingly upset about Tory's Chixtape 5 this guy makes the very poor decision to get on video with a gun meanwhile a little a girl is present and looks to be reaching for the weapon. Just watch this shit. 

The contents of this video are unbelievably stupid. We support our fellow Floridians but this right here we cannot back up or condone. It's never that serious about a girl that he most likely won't be with forever. The dude actually gives the kid the gun. 

Can someone please tell him that this is a crime? If he wants to have a lasting career, this is not the way to go about it. Social media has made it possible for young people to make mistakes that will be used against them in court and even your paid attorney can't get you out of.

It doesn't matter what Tory Lanez did. At this point, the law wouldn't even care. It's all about him waving a pistol around a young child on VIDEO for the world to see. Please, folks, do not think this is cool because you'd be sadly mistaken.  

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