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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Gay officer awarded $20 Million dollars for comment

Sgt. Keith Wildhaber, 47, of the St. Louis County Police department was awarded 20 Million dollars for a discrimination case based on him not being promoted because of his sexuality. He'd been turned down 23 times.
He was told to "tone down" his sexuality. Get the full story in the NY Times here

This is just another example of how ridiculous the LGBT community is being coddled. In America, they can come up with the money for things of this nature but when the topic of reparations for the enslavement of Black Americans we get the runaround, a bunch of talking in circles or just plain blew off for something we rightly deserve. 

Just to be brutally honest, he has 3 things in his favor. He's white, a cop and gay. Win, Win, win. Do we agree with discrimination? No, not at all. If he worked hard for the promotions he deserves it. But let's face it, these kinds of things don't happen for us. We're shown daily that we are continuously an underclass at the bottom but it's totally up to us to rise. They won't do anything for us. They're in the process of turning back the hands of time by attempting to take what little right we do have and they are being successful.

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