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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Lady J. Bookums Interview

 When it comes to the music industry getting on can be tricky and seem damn near impossible. But there are strategic maneuvers to be made. There are Surefire ways that you can implement and apply to your startup who promised you a lengthy career weather it is Indy or major.

 Most Indie artists have trouble in this area. That's why people like Lady J Bookums exist. She is a Launch Coach Teaching Independent Artists How To Launch, Market & Monetize Music Online and she is somebody that you would want to listen to. In fact, she is someone that you need to listen to.

She covers a wide range of strategies pointers to help you get the very best outcome as far as your following, fans, branding, and basically generating Revenue that will help you take care of your bills, your family and help you to be able to live a lifestyle that you'd want to live earning a living doing something you love.

Of course, we had the chance to sit down with her in a very interesting conversation get covered all of the areas that an indie artist pay attention to. You need to know what to invest in and how to invest. There is one specific thing that you need to invest in and that is covered in this interview.

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Teaching Independent Artist how to launch, market, and monetize music online.

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