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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Jamal Senior Activist: SKU March #3 in progress

I am on my third Stop Killing Us (SKU) march from Philadelphia, Pa. to Washington, DC to address community violence and police brutality. As a result, some people seem to think I know how to solve these issues. If I did I wouldn’t be on my third one! But I have thought about it endlessly and would like to share my thoughts.
Firstly, I don’t believe we have to exterminate ten percent of our black male children as was suggested by a speaker so strenuously some time ago. But I do believe that adults need to be that to our youngsters at the risk of being disrespected or worse. We are losing our children to death bought on by those their age or the arm of the law. To hell with being politically or culturally correct, and if you’re scared of your child, then get out of the way and let someone else handle them.

The killers in our neighborhoods have to be turned in, I don’t give a damn who they are. Because the same ones you protect may one day kill you or someone you love. These people have a different value on life and it is that they don’t. The street rule of snitching isn’t honored anyway, because if it’s them or you to go to jail, guess who’s going? I had someone tell me it depends on the situation as to whether they would snitch on a killer. Do you think those shooters would feel the same if you were the hit?
I see all these parents with kids at home coming to the marches, panels, events about gun violence, but I don’t see their children, why? Aren’t these things about saving your baby? Then your baby needs to be there to see that we care and how they may be able to help too. How can we claim to do all this to save our children but don’t compel them to get involved?
I don’t march because my little brother died at the hand of a gun, or because my granddaughter was shot on her way to a funeral, or because my neice was shot sitting in a car, or because my son was shot nine times. No I march so that those things don’t happen to you or anyone you love or care for. Some people have never experienced gun violence but they are also out there to prevent you from experiencing it too.
I don’t care how young or old you are, you can help us in this fight. Do you see how much news coverage and attention to guns is happening because of Texas and Ohio? It’s happening more than that in neighborhoods all over this country. But you know why it gets attention? Because those people who want gun control won’t take no for an answer. They march, protest, write letters and VOTE all the time, not just when something happens. And we need to do the same.
Also, police brutality is still rampant because if one person is killed unjustly by a police officer, that is rampant. We are not in a position to take a wait and see attitude about police brutality. But we’re acting like we are. When is the last time you saw a protest in a neighborhood about a killing that didn’t happen there? They should never stop. If you want action, then do actions! It doesn’t matter what it is, who you are, or where you live because if you are not addressing these to destroyers of black lives consistently then you are part of the problem.

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