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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Wednesday, August 14, 2019


When it comes to female MC's, you need to look no further. You are now in the presence of one of the most lethal lyricists in the game. With a cadence and delivery so sharp it's like she has blades in her mouth. A woman with this type of flow would be expected to be butch but this is one fine, thick and super sexy lady. Total package. She's here and ain't goin nowhere.
We had the chance to sit down with the Queen ButtaGoHarder. Y'all gonna love this shit here.

ACM: What up good people we got that baby in the house tonight. We will allow her to introduce herself. Please let the people know who you are.

BGH: The one you need not to be snoozin on,lol. I'm Buttagoharder aka the Leg Up Killa, the Beat Killa, writer, rapper,  Performer,  note holder and a few moe thangs. What's happenin'?

ACM: Give us a little background on you. I understand you have held it down in a few States. tell us what states those were, where you reside right now, and how each of those places helped to graft Who You Are and help to shape the sound of your music.

BGH: Well, I was born in Birmingham,  Al, moved to Detroit, Mi.,  Washington,  DC and finally moved to and currently reside in Dallas, Texas. My immediate family moved from Alabama when I was a toddler, so I really have no memories there.
We moved to Detroit up until the age of 7, then Washington up until the age of 10. Finally Dallas from 10 to current. Honestly,  I saw so much at a young age,  as far as streetwise,  in Detroit, it taught me how to protect myself,  keep my guards up and shield my feelings. My mom was a street chick, so I saw narcotics, guns, pimps and a lot early on, which resulted in me and my brothers moving to Washington, DC. By then, I thought different from the typical 7 yr old and I was full of anger.  It was a better environment, but the city still had its perks. My dad showed us different things that we weren't use to. We use to visit the White House, Capitol, and Monument on a regular. I was still a Rogish and I remember holding on to the bars of the White House thinking "I wonder how much money in there and how can I get it home" , instead of just enjoying the history and visit. We finally left there when I was 10 and moved to Dallas, which was a total 360 from what I used to.
They all shaped my music because of the experiences. My accents are mixed,  and the overall memories give me a lot to rap about.

ACM: You're independent right?

BGH: Yes, at this moment.

ACM: How is this male-dominated industry treating you?

BGH: It's treating me like males do, "IFFY" (laughs). Naw, it's good, it's what you make it, you know. I don't linger on Bullshit, I detour around it, focus on the good, the positive people and keep it movin'.

ACM: To me it seems there's a spike rise in female artists hold me down. Are there any female artists out there that you would like to work with?

BGH: Honestly, I haven't thought too much about it. My favorite female rappers are Mia X and Shawnna tho, just Fyi. S/0 2 all the Femz Deliverin' tho!! Go OFF!!

ACM: How do you feel about the current state of hip-hop? You seem to have an understanding of the importance of lyrics that's what I get from listening to your music. you also have in original Cadence and delivery not sounding like the typical artist these days.

BGH: I think the current state of Hip Hop is cool for what it is. Of course,  the current wave seems to be about the beat and hook, the lyrics are not really focused upon by a lot of artists. Music is constantly evolving though,  and creativity is born every day. Everything does a 360, so eventually,  it'll be back how it was, where the beat, hook, delivery and lyrics matter. I grew up with OGs, so I listened to Pac, 8ball and MJG, Big Mike, No Limit, UGK, Crime Boss, etc.  I'm pushin my Pen. Every element of a song matters to me.

ACM: Let's talk about this album "Harder on the Pen". Straight Out The Gate 'Trust nobody' is full of passion. Talk to us about that joint.

BGH: I put my soul on "Harder on the Pen". It's actually a mixtape, with original beats as well. "Trust Nobody " is my true feelings on wax. I've programmed myself to believe "Everybody is full of shit until they prove otherwise ". You'll be less disappointed goin in like that.  Too many situations, ungrateful people and janky promoters helped me get there ".

ACM: What are some of your favorite records on the album and why are they so important to you?

BGH: I love the whole project,  but I do have go to's. Those would be:
"Harder Bout It".. that one because I grew up on No Limit and "Bout It" is one of my favorites.  I went in so hard on that one with no hook or brakes,  all barz. 

"Earn Sumn" makes me extremely sure of myself and gives me so much confidence. I know I didn't ask for,  look for, or expect any handouts.  I've Earned It.

"Red Laces"...It reminds me how blessed I am to go through and overcome everything I've been through, and still look like this, stand like this and be able
to smile.  It humbles me to the core. 

"Proud"... It's an Open Letter to my mom,  letting her and the world know that I don't hold her past against her or live with any grudges. I'm super Proud of her and her recovery. If I die today, some of my stories have been told, directly from me and that alone gives me Peace and leaves Inspiration for someone else. She helped mold me. I love who I am. I thank her, genuinely.

ACM: What was the vibe that you wanted to put out there with this body of work?

BGH: I just wanted to display various sides of me. I wanted you to hear me, not anyone else. I've never tried to look or sound like anyone else. I accept everything about myself,  the good, the bad,  my flaws and all. That's all I wanted this project to reveal.

ACM: So how is the record been doing for you? Has it opened any doors for business?

BGH: This year has been successful. Offers are starting to come. I just want to be heard, felt, respected, and my identity to be MINES. That's what's most important to me. If all of the above is met, we connecting the dots.

ACM: Let's talk about features. I saw your posts the other day about features and being compensated for them.
Are these Niggas still being cheap dirtbags? Niggas want those features but they don't want to pay for shit. Are you having that problem?

BGH: (Laughs) Well, you know niggas gone do what they can do. It's up to me to set the record straight. Who don't like free shit? Lol.. they'll try it. I just know niggas live to impress females,  throwin money in strip clubs, splurging on designer, drugs, etc. Which is their business, but don't expect me to not be in my bag and everybody else is. It's their problem, not mines. Good music won't be slept on forever, I'm good either way. Value goin up by the day, so is the price. It's second nature,  not a hobby,  it's Business.

ACM: Let's talk about your new record 'Level up'. That thing is charged up. What's the story behind this one?

BGH: "LEVEL UP" is a song that should motivate everyone! I just know a song with substance is vital, and the whole family, of different generations, should be able to listen to something and all be in agreement.  It does that. Kids,  teenagers, senior citizens and people on hospice be rockin when I perform that one. Everyone around you should be motivating and supporting each other,  or you will all Fail. The feeling is unexplainable.

ACM: What's next for ButtaGoHarder? Are you currently on tour or are there any tours in the works?

BGH: Plans for Buttagoharder are to stay consistent and continue to Level Up. I've gained Full ownership of my name, so I'm working on a clothing line and more. 

ACM: Do you plan on crossing over into any acting?

BGH: Of course, Acting is definitely in the works. Hell, I do it all the time when he thinks I....(laughs)....but, naw, seriously, cause I don't even fake like that no more (laughs More). Serious Note, Yes, there's No Limit, I'm tryin to be Great and leave a Legacy.

ACM: Well would like to thank you for taking the time out so fine ass down with me I am totally honored. You've been my WCW like 24 times. This is the point where you give a shout out to your family or team your friends, loved ones etc. And please let em know what magazine you rocking with.

BGH: S/0 to everybody that supports the movement of BUTTAGOHARDER.  I'm not naming specific names,  I always forget someone. S/0 to the Magazine's for the features, Bloggers, my Family,  followers/Ridahz, Djs, Award Shows that acknowledges me, Radio stations that spins my music and my biggest inspiration and Hero, my daddy..RIP and FUCKKKKKKKKK CANCER!!! Thank you sooooo much ACM, you made me feel so comfortable with this interview.  Bless you all.
Oh yea!!! Follow me on all social sites and stream my music! Everything is at BUTTAGOHARDER


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