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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Damien Crawford to deliver 'Therapy'

You wanna witness the rise of a true Star? Someone who has an ora strong enough to capture the hearts and minds of every single person in any room he enters.
He should be announced like a big event to come before he arrives. He is an event and at the start of 2019, we will all be able to attend.

ACM: It's another lovely evening at the Apex Coture Lounge and we are here with a very special guest. We are delighted to have this gentleman in the building. Please introduce yourself to those who don't know you and say what's up to the thousands upon thousands of fans that you have out there.

DC: Hello Apex CotureMag! My name is Damien Crawford and I'm a singer/Songwriter just trying to my mark on this place we call Earth. I'm so honored to have the opportunity to speak with you and be apart of your platform. 

ACM: So tell us where you're from, what it is that you specialize in and what you are here for.

DC: I'm actually an only child born and raised by a single mother in Piscataway, NJ.  I'm just here to live my truth, and through this album, I plan to shout it from the mountaintops.

ACM: There seems to be a lot of excitement around your upcoming album therapy. We've had the pleasure of being one of the first Publications have the album, hear it, and friggin love it. Tell us about your motivations for this record and how ecstatic are your fans as they wait for the release.

DC: Thank you so much! I hope everyone shares those same exact sentiments. I really wanted to show my growth as a vocalist, a writer, and as I man on this record. I allowed myself to be completely vulnerable and transparent. I was motivated by so many of my dating experiences, whether they were good, bad, happy, or sad. It felt amazing to write and record these emotions that I had bottled up over so many years. It feels like coming out all over again. The love and anticipation about my new album has been unreal! Everyone is certainly in for a treat as they will get to see life and love from my perspective. 

ACM: The vibe of this record has an enormous confidence energy. It's very matter-of-fact. How were you able to hone in on that confidence and cement it into the music so flawlessly?

DC: My mother instilled a "humble-confidence" in me as a child. It took years for me to fully understand what that meant and be completely comfortable with the man I am today. I think maturity creates self-assurance. At this stage in my life and career, I knew I wanted to create an album expressing my emotions and detailing my experiences. Once the right producers and beats came along the lyrics and melodies flowed effortlessly. Furthermore, my zodiac sign is Cancer (July 20th). We are super emotional and can easily express these emotions; which certainly helps when writing and performing.

ACM: One of the most powerful statements that could be made for an openly gay artist was that you have male actors to play the part in your videos to let it be known that you're speaking about a man. That in itself is to be respected at an elevated level because of the fact that most gay artist wouldn't do that. You did. Was there a significance to that? And if so, why?

DC: Authenticity is key. I want people to know who I am as an artist and as a person. This album was written from my own personal thoughts and experiences so I want to bring them to life in my music videos. "Before You Go' is the realest song on my album. I was dealing with an individual who had the key to my heart and he came in and out of my life as he pleased. So I took back the key to my house and to my heart. It belongs to me! This is exactly how the song and video came about.

ACM: Okay so you had asked me what was my favorite record on the album, and I gave you such a skewed answer but to be honest every song has an element of what you would need in an R&B/pop type record. So what we're going to do is break these songs down. Let's start with the first track 'Can you feel it' tell us about this song and why it was such a great opener for the album.

DC: The very first line on CAN YOU FEEL IT is "sometimes life is not always fair, you got to prepare for what's not always there" I wrote this from the viewpoint of love, life and relationships.
Just like owning a car or a house, you have to have insurance as one never knows when an accident or act of nature can turn everything upside down. Sometimes we have to prepare our hearts and our minds for love or letdowns. I continue by saying "Move on the next and give it your best, Love is a mess." We should never let one bad experience hinder us from living life to the fullest. This is a great opener because I wanted people to feel how I felt inside.  

ACM: You had mentioned to me that 'Infrastructure' was your favorite track. Why is that? Please do tell.

DC: Infrastructure is such a love crazy pop record that gives me life every time I hear it. It was such an interesting record to write as I pushed myself to get creative and use terminology that required some thought. When I fall for someone, I fall hard. Sometimes too hard. When I'm really into someone I feel like I need their energy, their touch, their text, their calls to have a good day. The definition of infrastructure is the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities needed for the operation of a society or enterprise. In the sense of love, those actions from a person of interest are my infrastructure needed to operate.

ACM: 'Dancing in the dark' as a whole vibe in itself. With such an exotic feel what made you want to go in that direction with this song?

DC: I love a good tropical vacation. I go on quite a few with my friends each year. I definitely knew I wanted a vacation song to vibe to when I'm on an island. When I heard the beat to "Dancing in the Dark" it was a wrap.

ACM: On '100%' you are using clever metaphors to get your lover to understand that you need All or Nothing. Is this from a life experience?

DC: Absolutely. I'm an all or nothing type of guy. I like a lot of attention from a significant other and I'm not afraid to admit it. Unfortunately, I've entertained people who thought they could give me pieces of them. That will not work for me as I need it all. 

ACM: 'Fuck Boyz' is almost self-explanatory but please elaborate on your contribution to the term.

DC: I wanted this song to be an anthem since so many people are dealing with the epidemic! A fuck boy has many different meanings but in this sense, it speaks about a guy who makes plans and breaks them, lies about his intentions, etc. So my message to the victims is to stop messing with these types of boys and get a real man who will show you he wants you by his actions and not just his words. 

ACM: 'OMW' is a motivational ode and after listening to that joint, if you're not ready to get up and make that shit happen for you and yours and you just a sorry Mufucka. Please talk about the level up on this track.

DC: I love this record because its so dark, raw, gritty, and powerful. I really wanted to do a record with an urban, rock element. Lyrically, I wanted to emote a mood that made people feel strong and empowered. This is also another favorite of mine and I cannot wait to perform it. 

ACM: Finally, the craziest join on the album, 'Feed my Crazy' is super lit! From the production to the Kamikaze vocals, this Record is a problem. Ayo DJs, if Y'all ain't playing this joint, kill yourself. Please break this one down for us. That shit makes me want to drive fast for no reason.

DC: HAHA! Man, when I heard this beat I went nuts! I knew I had to come hard with the lyrics and melody since the beat is bananas. Part of the reason I named the album Therapy is that I can get a little crazy when I really like someone. I flipped it in this song by saying that is their fault for making me crazy since they are doing everything that turns me. Basically, that person is feeding the crazy within me by making me like him so much. 

ACM: Is there a tour coming up with the album?

DC: Absolutely. I'm working on a 6-10 city US tour and meet and greet starting in April and ending in Nov 2019.

ACM: You are starting 2019 off releasing this new album. What goals do you have set, what accomplishments do you seek to achieve to make the release of this record be meaningful and have a significant impact on the industry?

DC: Along with the tour, I'm working on 2 scripted shows, appearances on some of your favorite youtube and blog sites, and headlining one of the biggest festivals this summer.

ACM: What is it about Damien Crawford that your fans don't know that at this moment exclusively to Apex Coture you don't mind revealing. This is the good stuff. This is exclusivity.

DC: This is probably the hardest question yet! lol, This is corny but I'm addicted to the ID channel. Deadly women is my show! 

ACM: At this time I like to thank you, of course, taking time out of your busy schedule and by looking at your Instagram, a very fun and luxurious lifestyle to chop it up with us. Take this moment to give a shout out to your team, family, fans, and anybody that you think is important. Tell them where they can find you on social media and where the album will be/is available. Also, let them know what magazine you rocking with that got you plastered all over the cover looking dope as hell.

DC: Thank you so much Antuan and Apex Coture Mag! You can follow me everywhere @DAMIENCRAWFORD. My new album THERAPY drops on all music platforms on Jan 1st, 2019. If you need Therapy...I got you ;)

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