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Monday, November 5, 2018

Just Being Marie: Pouring from an Empty Glass

Sometimes we give so much that we tend to empty our own glass. Always constantly putting others before our own needs. We so busy trying to save others that we forget to save ourselves. So we are constantly feeling empty and trying to find ways to fill our cup. We look outside ourselves to fill that empty cup. We constantly chase illusions that we feel is the answer. We chase after money like it is the answer. Sometimes we have to pull back and take a break. We run off energy. Just like a cell phone that needs to be recharged, we also need to be recharged.

We have to understand that we have to save ourselves before we can save others. Just like with change. Before we can change the world we must first change ourselves. Everything starts with self. We were conditioned to put others first including our own children. It is necessary to be selfish. You can't truly be there for others until you learn how to be there for yourself first. 

We expect others to fill our glass, but that is impossible because no one knows you better than yourself. We burn ourselves out from giving so much that when its time to give to ourselves we don't how to. We don't know how to be there for ourselves because we are so used to being there for everyone else. Spending time alone can help us fill our glass back up. I always say, "ONLY POUR FROM THE OVERFLOW AND NOT THE ACTUAL GLASS." 

If you're not overflowing then don't pour. Everyone has a purpose in life including you. We have to learn to receive our blessings before we can be a blessing to others. Listed below are things you can do to help you refill your cup or recharge your energy. Besides, we are all vibrational being and we feed off energy. 

1. Be in nature. Nature has amazing effects on both our physical and mental health.

2. Read a book. Even if it's just for 10 minutes a day.

3. Write. Write. Write. Writing helps us stay in tune with how we are feeling on the inside. It's a great way to cleanse the mind. 

4. Do something that you love. I don't care if its playing sports, riding a bike, hiking, fishing, taking a trip, smoking weed(lol), going to the strip club, or just hanging out with friends. Just do what makes you happy!

5. STOP TAKING CALLS. I know when I need a break I turn off my cell phone. I don't want to talk to anyone for about 3 days or sometimes more. I need time to recharge. 

6. Meditation. Practicing mindfulness is a great way to recharge. Here is a link to different meditation practices that you can do.

Namaste. I love you all. Feel free to comment below.

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