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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Monday, October 8, 2018

Album Review: T.I. Dime Trap / Wraith Video

To those who have allowed themselves to be dumbed down with this low-frequency rap music that we receive and consume in this era, they would fix their mouths to say that this record is mediocre at best, some call it weak, and say that it is not what they expect from T.I. as trap music. But the overwhelming majority of people who appreciate quality music are head over heels for what the King of the South has delivered in this body of work. Here at Apex Coture Magazine we definitely appreciate it. To those who don't, to each his own. But you have now lost your credibility when it comes to reviewing real hip-hop records.
Throughout this record relatable lyrics are delivered over handcrafted production in compositions that most of these new rappers couldn't conceive a concept in or over. Realistic stories, good advice, the evidence of growth and a man who is honest about the mistakes that he's made in his life and learned from. This sometimes is hard for people to swallow for the fact that they don't know how to do this themselves. People want to hear ignorance. They're comfortable in that zone because ignorance is bliss. People want to hear a man speaking of his actions in the Trap and in the hood as if this man ain't a millionaire. This is what you call the evolution of trap music. He explains on the song 'The weekend' with Young Thug. This music cannot be one-dimensional.

This is one of the best records if not the best record 2018. Hip-hop has been turned into a clown show. We allow everyone in and we do not protect our culture. Now we have a shitload of people entering our culture, eating it up, chewing it and spitting it out. They do not respect foundation of hip-hop and do not respect the power that hip-hop has. They know it, partake in it, but do not respect it and that is our fault. That is the reason why OG's like T. I. have to come back to the game and deliver phenomenal record like this.
So go ahead and get in your funky ass feelings because we spoke about these clowns who allow these record labels to dish out 360 deals and a sign them. We know that most of you don't know any better or have anyone showing you any better, but this is how they've taken what we've created and steered in the direction to where the most stupid and destructive thing you can say is deemed a hot bar.
We want to say thank you Tip for putting out such a finely crafted body of work. We hope that it does its duty among the people and help to break down some of the mental barriers that have been created over the past few years with this disastrous music.
Thank you for reading. Watch the video. Listen to the music and enjoy.

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