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Friday, August 10, 2018

Jamal Senior Activist: Why I Believe Black People Should Attend the anti-White Supremacists actions this weekend in DC!

Why I Believe Black People Should Attend the anti-White Supremacists actions this weekend in DC!
First and foremost, because we did not stand up to them and their racist and deadly actions in Charlottesville, VA last year. Black people were very minimal in numbers there and it was recognized by them, believe me.

Do we believe that if we ignore them they will go away? They are blatantly showing and telling US, foremost, that we are not a threat to them nor will we prevent their insidious proclamations of white supremacy to truly be challenged.
We show how we will confront and kill one another which they know is an acceptable action on our part because it fills their goal of black annihilation. Our passive and truly submissive role we have taken in not confronting them only emboldens them to eventually do more than just talk. The recent killing of a young black woman by an avowed racist should motivate you enough.
If not then the disgusting rates of black people being shot in the back and killed by white policemen on a disproportionate level in comparison to white suspects have to hint at some racism in the application of this deadly force. And ultimately not being convicted of their crimes further validates their actions.
All this is what we confront when we confront them. To ignore or find an excuse not to is to put our women and children in harm's way, thus reducing the respect they have for those of us who are men.
If you’re afraid a riot may occur and you may get hurt, you’re right, it might but fear cannot be your incentive not to attend.
If you think it’s a waste of time because white supremacy rules, then you have submitted to their new form of slavery, Mental Enslavement.
And you so-called black leaders or those of influence, do you think you don’t have a responsibility to encourage others to confront hate? Then why aren’t you?
The bottom line is you will never be truly respected from without or within if your only proof of confrontation is with someone who looks just like you!

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