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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Cover Story: Marcia Polite "Not Your Average WCW'

The Queen of seduction has arrived. This thing of ours cannot be duplicated. This is a relationship that was started a couple years back. We recognized a gift in this young woman that you could see for yourself if you'd just look. 

Effortless is how it appears but you can't just do this. It would have to be a gift. A gift that was given to you by nature that you would then need to share. Marcia Polite shares with the world not what could've been but what is. She is here, now.

There are aspiring models all over the gram. All on your timeline on FaceBook. Bustin it wide open on Twitter. When you have "IT" you mustn't conduct yourself in that manner. Your lane is already prepared for you to travel. We discuss it here... 

ACM: Y'all gotta know this is a pleasure. We have the Queen of seduction in the building! I mean a real camera killa. Make ya wanna lick the screen! Reintroduce yourself to the people, please...

MP: Hey yall it's ya girl Marcia, Jersey bread now Atl living. How is everyone doing?

ACM: Back in 2016 we introduced you to the world (Click here How does it feel to go from a feature to being featured on the cover 2 years later?

MP: Hey hey hey! Honestly, it feels amazing to be on the cover. Honestly, I think we both have grown so much over the last two years.

ACM: How has the model game been treating you since the first feature?

MP: The modeling game has always been a tough game way before my last feature. I think it's been slightly harder because I did move to Atlanta a place where nobody knows me. And even though it's been two years I feel like I'm still trying to prove what I can bring to the table.

ACM: You have a unique advantage in working the camera. Why does that camera love you so much?

MP: I think the camera loves me Mmmmm because lol..... ok let me be serious I think the camera and I have a good relationship because that's truly my happy place. When I'm in front of the camera I let go and I feel like I can really be Marcia.

ACM: With the amount of sex appeal you deliver, on set do you ever have any issues with mannish photographers?

MP: I personally never had too many issues with mannish photographers. Of course in this business, you always will have one or two people try you.. but it's up to you on how you handle it... I always try to be respectful and down to earth so that's the only people I like to work with.

ACM: How's the Atlanta scene for you in the modeling industry?

MP: The Atlanta modeling scene is so much different from where I'm from which is the tri-state area. Atl the girls are built like stallions lol and my hometown girls are like little toothpicks .... which is nothing wrong with it everyone has a different standard of beauty... It's just up to you to determine where you want to fit in at... and another thing is Atl isn't really known for modeling we are mostly known for music and now acting. So sometimes it's hard to find true legit modeling gigs out here. So hustling hustling hustling is a must. 

ACM: What are some of the things you'd like to get accomplished in this industry?

MP: Some of my things I would like to accomplish really really soon is I want to land campaign print work I want to be a face for cosmetic and hair companies. I want to be a face you see if you're stuck in traffic or shopping in a mall with your friends. Also, I want to give runway modeling another chance. I don't want to put limits on myself.

ACM: Do you think to be a model (a hot one at that) causes strain on a relationship? 

MP: Being a model can cause a strain on a relationship if your not with the right person.. and with any relationship doesn't matter the profession it's all about balance and respect... If you have at least those two things I think you will be ok lol

ACM: What are some of the pros and cons of your journey into modeling?

MP: Some pros are that I met some really incredible people that I would probably have never met if I wasn't doing this. I made memories that I know will last a lifetime. The cons are the shady people, of course, the kind of people that prey on people with dreams. And the constant pressure of people trying to change who you are as a person so you can try and fit some image that isn't you.

ACM: How do you separate yourself from the typical social media (Instagram) model? 

MP: I'm not like other Instagram models because I'm Marcia I'm one of a kind ☺😊😊

ACM: Do you think that social media over saturate the market? And is this a challenge for you?

MP: I think social media is very oversaturated and it makes it harder for you to become notice nowadays.. because let's be honest social media has created some major stars.. so let's not get it twisted there's power behind every click and like you get. It's challenging because if you don't have a certain number of followers you really do get overlooked and that's sad because you can have the talent but the followers don't match.

ACM: Have you recently walked any runways? If so, give us the deets. Also are there any projects like that in the works?

MP: No runways this year hopefully in 2019 you will see me everywhere. My projects that I'm working on is my website merchandise and more publications...

ACM: Are you looking to sign to a major modeling agency or stay independent?

MP: I would love to sign that's one of my goals but honestly only time will tell. Until then I just gotta keep grinding and grinding.

ACM: What is your area of expertise in modeling? I have seen you speak of nude modeling as an art to which I agree. Let the people who'd want to book you know your specialty and how they could reach you.

MP: My expertise is boudoir swim urban glam etc... To book me my booking email is

ACM: Is there any advice you would give to the up and coming models that would help them navigate through this industry?

MP: My advice for any upcoming models is to be yourself at all times. Be confident in your ability. Don't let anyone ever tell you differently. Don't ever feel like you can't be yourself.

ACM: What are some of your strengths as a model? 

MP: My strengths are that I know how to pose I know my body I know where to find my light and I take direction well.

ACM: What do you feel are some of your weaknesses and how can you strengthen them?

MP: My weakness is sometimes I beat myself up and that's only because I'm my biggest critic.

ACM: Why did you choose to become a model?

MP: I chose to model because it's a way I can express myself and it's a way to inspire people. I want people to see me and say yesssss I can do that too.

ACM: As a model, have you ever breached a contract, NDA or confidentiality agreement?

MP: Honestly for me no I haven't.  

ACM: Models need to have great communication skills, how would you rate yours?

MP: My commutation skills are excellent I have no problem expressing myself.

ACM: How do you handle a situation where a photographer does not properly direct you?

MP: How I handle a photographer not directing me properly is just to say hey maybe we could pose like this or maybe you should do that. Be polite about it 

ACM: When entering a new modeling gig, describe how you build relationships with the creative team or your fellow models?

MP: When entering a new gig I always try to get a feel for who I'm working with. I always try to learn the vision and try to learn everyone personalities etc.

ACM: Tell us something that we wouldn't know about you from looking at your portfolio? 

MP: I'm very very silly and shy.

ACM: How's Kingston?

MP: Kingston my love my baby he's amazing my baby is almost 6 and he just keeps growing lol

ACM: Looks like we dug deep off in ya. This is now the time to give a shout to your fam, team and let the people know what magazine you're rockin with!

MP: You already know I'm rocking with Apex Coture all day everyday lol...

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