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Tuesday, August 14, 2018


I just saw a black woman on CNN say that she is comfortable with President Trump calling Omarosa a dog. Is this where we are today? Do we actually accept people calling our women dogs and equating it with the same name calling of someone else? What is wrong with us?

Do we accept it because we also use insulting and demeaning words towards one another? The words ‘coon’ and ‘bed-wench’ has entered our daily lexicon out of nowhere to address each other in a demeaning way. And the use of the word “nigga by white youth toward black youth in a supposedly complementary way further shows that we have truly lost our self-respect as a people. What other group has accepted demeaning terms related to their race as a norm?
In the rearview mirror of Sunday’s Unite The White rally, we should be more cognizant of not only what we say to one another, but what others say to us. Our devolving into this sad state of acceptance is sadly exhibited also by those who proclaim to be leaders or proclaim to lead us to self-pride and self-enrichment. Those at some of the highest levels of academia espouse these demeaning terms so why are we surprised that a white racist in the White House feels so comfortable doing it?
We must pull our pants up and put our foot down and treat each other in the way we want others to treat us. If we don’t then we will never be taken seriously by each other or those who we claim are out to destroy or control us. No black woman should be called a dog by anyone, nor do I condone its use towards any other woman.

Finally, those who think Omarosa deserved that name because of her prior allegiance to Trump should realize that this is someone’s daughter, sister, and possibly mother.

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