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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Interviews: Spree Wilson

We wouldn't want to call Spree Wilson a hidden gem but he seems to be just that. Taken under the wing of the legendary Dallas Austin early on his career allowed him to vibrate with the frequencies of the Madonna, Gwen Stefani the big homie Q-Tip and more.

You can say that this guy was lucky but nah, there's an element of a necessary molding that had to take place. Not one to be exempt from the struggles of life Wilson has lived through some trying times and has emerged from it a stronger character that has been able to be extremely creative with the greats.

Being that his spirit is elevated it was never a thing for him to be in a celebrity environment and hold on to much pressure, just let the creative juices flow. "Yeah, just wrote for a lot of people. Jidenna, Kanye... Yeah man, I been around" he states as we go through his history.


"My style is if OutKast was in a room and had dinner with the Beetles" said Spree. I gotta tell ya that's cold-blooded. 

Check out the dope interview where we chopped up some game and had a few laughs. 

Make sure you follow him to get the latest.

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