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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Featured: Nas Nasir

There's a whole lot of support lot this classic new Nas "Nasir" record. Those of us who have been Nas fans for years, well over 2 decades are extremely excited and appreciative of the content in the record especially.

Others are not so happy. Why? Because of the Kelis interview where she alleged domestic abuse. While we love Kelis and we don't wanna downplay her allegations but they are just that. Allegations. This man has not been proven guilty with evidence to prove this. So to y'all that condemn him, sit y'all negative asses down some damn where. We bout to bang this Nas record just like y'all voted for a white man that had many allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse for president. Fuck out of here.

Meanwhile none of them are making any noise about the rise in white supremacists and pedophiles running for public office in this country. Nah, Nas is the problem....  

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