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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Saturday, April 21, 2018


Are you getting the message? Are you really feeling to what J. Cole is delivering? If you're not then the truth is you've become comfortable and complacent with the state of affairs in Hip Hop.
You've been so dumbed down that when you hear something that holds the reality surrounding you in truth you automatically reject it. You're so accustomed to rappers telling you to get high that you don't know how to receive a rapper telling you not to do all the drugs that are promoted. Doesn't sound cool does it? Yet he actually sells records and the rappers that feed you all that bullshit can't move a unit.   

Just look at the video for "ATM". We are totally controlled by it when your favorite rapper tells you to blow it because you will get it right back. The people who run the labels that pay them would never allow their children to think that way. That's why they run the labels and we run to them for a check. You need to heed the message in this body of work. Or, you can follow the illusion and be the cool guy. The nigga that ain't got shit but on social media he acts like he does... 

Fuck it. We know you young niggas won't get it. Get it here In any event there'a way more content in one verse on this record than most these puppet rap niggas have their whole album or mixtape. 

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